West End Menagerie is a set of songs depicting the wildlife that inhabit Vancouver's West End. Morning Chorus depicts a little bird timidly testing the morning while a kill of crows has a bit of fun. Back Alley Bandits is the tale of four raccoons who band together barbershop style. Heron Haiku is a dodecaphonic portrait of the noble bird that frequents Stanley Park. Black and White finds a skunk in the shadows, set in the art-song tradition. Wood Rat Tango is a dance for violin and piano. Big Dog Blues is the woeful tale of a lonely house-hound with a bad case of the blues.


West End Menagerie
SATB quartet, flute, violin, alto saxophone & piano
texts by Catherine Laub
1. Morning Chorus
2. Back Alley Bandits
3. Heron Haiku
4. Black and White
5. Wood Rat Tango
6. Big Dog Blues